Converse County's Past

Word From the Clerk's Office

Because copies of the book, "Pages from Converse County's Past", are so difficult to find and because many citizens have been interested in reading the stories, the Converse County Clerk's Office took their copy of this book in for repair and, at the same time, had the pages scanned and put into a PDF format so everyone who wishes can enjoy this book on the County's colorful past!


The story of the people of Converse County is a very interesting story. Who were they? Where did they come from? What did they do? They were fur trappers, fortune seekers, gold miners, coal miners, cowboys, cattle barons, remittance men, adventure seekers, railroaders, homesteaders, uranium miners and just plain folks. They came from all parts of the United States and the World and for many reasons, such as: health, wealth, adventure and the pursuit of happiness.

This then is the history of Converse County and the people who founded it, settled it, ranched it, mined it, managed it, cried over it, fought for it and died for it. To appreciate the County is to understand it better and how it came to be.


In 1982, after several meetings of the LaBonte-Wagonhound Community, a Heritage Book Committee was formed to write this history of Converse County. Some financial assistance was provided by the Wyoming Pioneer Association. To view the full Acknowledgements, please go to page 4 of the book.