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Recording of Instruments (Including Mining Claims)

Item Cost
First Page $12
Each Additional Page $3
Instrument Having More Than 5 Granters or Grantees of a Different Surname or More Than 5 Claim Names - Each Additional Name $1
Instrument: Additional Recording Charge for Each Section (Including Quarter and Quarter-Quarter, if Applicable. Note: at This Time, Converse County Will Not Charge for 1/4 or 1/4-1/4), Block, Lot or Track in Excess of 10 $1
Instrument Containing More Than 2 Real Estate Descriptions by Book and Page - Each Posting Exceeding 2 Descriptions $2
Plat $75
Plat, Copy: 11 Inches by 17 Inches or Smaller, Heavy Weight Paper $2
Survey Map (WSS 33-29-139) $50
Bond Oath and Notary Public Commission $12
Each Additional Page $3
Corner Recordation or Certificate $5
Map With Deed Containing Metes and Bounds (WSS 18-3-402(a)(Vii) $5
Military Discharge and Separation Papers No Charge

Filing Fees

Item Cost
State Tax Liens $20
Federal Tax Liens $20
Each Additional Page $3
State Child Support Liens (WSS 20-6-106(y)) $12
Each Additional Page $3
Miscellaneous Liens (WSS 29-9-101 Through 102) $12
Each Additional Page $3
Releases For Liens Filed Prior to July 1, 1993 $5
Releases for Liens Filed July 1, 1993 and After No Charge
Amendment, Continuation or Assignment $5
Security Agreements, Financing Statements (Uniform Commercial Codes) $20
Each Additional Certificate of Title Where Lien is Noted for Perfection $1
Certification (Per Document; Does Not Include Costs for Copies) $5

License, Inspection & Certification Fees

Item Cost
Titles $15
VIN / HIN Inspections $10
Rebuilt Salvage Decal Fee (WSS 31-3-102(b)) $10
Lien Search and Certification, Affix Seal $20
Marriage License $30
Certified Copy $5

Miscellaneous Fees

Item Cost
Fax Processing Per Page to Send (Excluding Copies)
Fax Processing Per Page to Receive (Excluding Copies) $.50
Photocopies Per Page Made by Client $.25
Photocopies Per Page Made My Clerk's Staff $.50
Computer Printout of Indexes Per Page $1