Fees for Titles

  • $15 for a new or duplicate title
  • $10 for a VIN inspection, if applicable, payable to city police, State of Wyoming or County based on who performed the inspection
  • $20 to file a lien, if applicable

Buying or Selling A Vehicle

Buying or selling a vehicle and the process of transferring the title can be complicated. There are many variables associated with different types of transactions.

We have attempted to provide a fairly complete guide to the documentation you will need to complete this process, depending on the nature of the purchase or sale.

If the following sections of information do not answer all your questions, please feel free to call our office for additional help. Many of the necessary forms are available for your convenience.

Title Tips

  • Never buy a vehicle if the seller cannot show you the title, unless you can verify that the title is being held by a lien holder (bank, credit union, or more).
  • Make sure all previous liens have been properly released. Various states have different requirements for releasing liens, so it is a good idea to call our office to find out about the requirements of the state from which the current title was issued.
  • On Wyoming titles, all sellers must sign in the presence of a notary. Even in cases where there are two names joined by and (example John and Jane Doe), both parties must sign the seller's block on the reverse side of the title and both signatures must be notarized.
  • If the title you receive is from any state other than Wyoming, you must have the vehicle identification number (VIN) inspected by a law enforcement officer (Douglas or Glenrock Police Departments, Converse County Sheriff's Office, Wyoming Highway Patrol). Be prepared to provide proof of ownership (dealer's invoice or bill of sale) and identification.
  • If the vehicle you purchase was manufactured within the past 10 years, you must know the actual mileage.
  • Licensed Wyoming dealers are authorized to issue a 60-day temporary permit for the vehicles they sell.
  • When buying a vehicle from any licensed Wyoming auto dealer, you must be provided with a Wyoming Sales/Use Tax form. This form pertains to the sales tax due to the Treasurer's Office, and a copy must accompany your title work.
  • Wyoming law requires that when an out-of-state title carries a brand it must be placed on the new Wyoming title. In other words, if your out-of-state title has "salvage," "rebuilt," "flood," or more typed on it, your Wyoming title will also have any such designation on it.
  • Always bring your identification with you when visiting the title office.
  • By state law, the County Clerk issues certificates of title and the County Treasurer collects sales tax and registration (or license plate) fees. To get an estimate of the registration fees contact the County Treasurer at 307-358-3120.