Registration Fees


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This calculator provides an estimate of costs based on the  information provided by the user, and should be used for informational purposes only. The Treasurer's Office is not responsible for any errors in the information or fees provided by this form.

Veteran Exemption

Some veterans may quality for a fee exemption on their registration.

Fee Explanation

Registration fees consist of two parts: a county fee and a state fee.
County Fee
The county fee is a tax based on the value of the vehicle and is calculated using the following formula:

MSRP * Year of Service Rate * .03 = County Fee

The MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) is the original cost placed on the vehicle by the automobile factory.
The year of service rate is determined by how many years the vehicle has been registered for use. Service rates are:
  • 1st Year - 60%
  • 2nd Year - 50%
  • 3rd year - 40%
  • 4th Year - 30%
  • 5th Year - 20%
  • 6th Year and after - 15%

State Fee
The state fee is a fee levied by the State of Wyoming and is remitted to the Department of Transportation each month. The fee depends on the vehicle type, as follows:
  • Commercial - $214.50 to $1,548.75 (Depending on the max. combination weight and any discounts)
  • Motorcycle - $25
  • Multipurpose Vehicle - $25
  • Passenger - $30
  • Truck, Trailers, Campers - $30 to $90 (Depending on weight)
  • Lightweight trailers (under 1,000 lbs.) - $5

Therefore, the registration fee for a brand new car with a $20,000 MSRP would be:

$20,000 * 60% * .03 = $360 County Fee
$360 + $30 State Fee = $390

Where The Money Goes

Wyoming statutes dictate the calculation of all registration fees. Therefore, the fees are the same no matter what county a vehicle is registered in. However, the county that collects the fees keeps and distributes the money to the taxing entities in their county. Therefore, residents are encouraged to register vehicles in the county where they reside.

The fees collected for license plate registration are distributed in the following manner:

  • The county fee is distributed monthly to taxing entities in the same manner as all other property taxes. That means it's distributed in proportion to the county mill levy table.
  • The state fee is remitted to the Wyoming Department of Transportation each month.