Wyoming State Statutes 21-17-105

General Information

The Wyoming County Commissioners' Scholarships are available to students who plan on attending one of the seven Wyoming Community Colleges or the University of Wyoming.

The scholarships are not specific to graduating high school students. Non-traditional students are eligible. This includes graduate students, professional program students and independent students (those on their own and not supported by parents). There are no deferments, so the scholarship must be used in the year it is awarded. If the scholarship is not used in the first semester, the scholarship goes to an alternate.

Original Scholarships

Each County Commission has a total of three scholarships to award beginning with the fall semester. These scholarships are $500 per semester ($1,000 for the academic year) and will be in addition to the Hathaway Merit scholarships. The County Commissioners' scholarships will necessarily reduce the student's need for financial aid, including need based awards through the Hathaway program. Criteria for being chosen includes: Grade Point Average, ACT scores and extra-curricular activities (a failing grade on a math or English placement exam will be disqualifying).

Renewal Scholarships

In addition, each County Commission will have one renewal scholarship. Students who receive a County Commission scholarship for the first time are eligible to apply for the renewal scholarship with a value of $500 per semester ($1,000 for the academic year).


Applications are available at the high school guidance offices. The applications of graduating seniors should be returned to the Guidance Counselor in each school district. All other applications, including the renewal, must be mailed or returned to the Office of the Converse County Clerk at 107 N 5th Street, Suite 114, Douglas, Wyoming 82633-2448 by March 31.