Clint Becker, Sheriff

Sheriff Clint Becker was elected in 2006. He became the 21st Sheriff of Converse County when he took office in January of 2007. Sheriff Becker has lived in Douglas since 1986 and served for 20 years with the Wyoming State Highway Patrol.

Detention Center

Inmate Bonding Information


All inmates booked into the Converse County Detention Center will be seen by the Judge or County Court within 72 hours of arrest, at which point bond will be set. Any questions related to charges or bond amounts can be relayed to the courts during business hours.

Circuit Court: 307-358-2196
District Court: 307-358-3165


Bond money must come in the form of cash or money order. Cashier’s checks will have to be approved through the appropriate bank before

they are accepted. The Converse County Detention Center does not deal with bondsman’s at this time.

Telephone Services for Inmates (Securus)

Inmates have access to the use of telephones in their pods during the allotted hours set by the Detention Center. This service is provided by

Securus. Any questions related to the phone system can be directed to Securus at

Note: All inmate calls are monitored and recorded for security purposes.


Inmate Funds

Funds may be mailed or brought to the Detention Center for the inmates account. Any money that the inmate comes in with upon arrest will be deposited into their account. Note: Any outstanding debt from a previous incarceration in the Converse County Detention Center will be collected every time money is entered into the inmates account. The Detention Center prefers you bring the funds in cash but money orders will be accepted. No checks will be accepted. Once the inmate is released from the Detention Center, they will be issued a check in the amount of the balance on their account.

You may also add funds to an inmate’s account via the Internet. You can log on to www.SmartDeposit.com and follow the instructions for The Converse County Detention Center in Douglas, WY. You will need to have the inmates ID number, which will be provided to you by the inmate. The Detention Deputies will not give out any personal information over the telephone.

Another option to deposit funds directly into an inmates account is via the telephone. Call Smart Deposit at 1-866-394-0490 and follow the prompts.


Inmate Mail

To prevent delay of your letters or mail correspondence to Converse County Detention Center Inmates, please follow these guidelines;

The mailing address for the detention center is:

Inmate’s Name

Converse County Detention Center

1201 Mesa Drive Suite C

Douglas, WY  82633

The following is  NOT ALLOWED and will be rejected and placed in the inmate’s property bag until their release from our facility:

  1. Mail shall not contain correspondence for inmates other than for the inmate whose name appears on the envelope. No correspondence from other correctional institutes unless approved by the Detention Lieutenant. No institutional floor plans.
  2. Inmates shall not request another person to forward correspondence beyond the immediate addressee.
  3. Inmate's name and the addressee's return name and address must appear on the front of the envelope.
  4. Books, magazines, and newspapers must be received directly from the publisher and pass approval of the Sergeant.
  5. Only self-sticking postage stamps will be accepted, but not given directly to the inmate.  They will be attached to the inmate’s mail log and applied to outgoing mail by a Detention Officer.
  6. Blank envelopes, blank paper, personal check, coins, jewelry, plastic items, and food are prohibited.
  7. Stickers, inkpad stamps or white out are not allowed in or on the envelope or letter.
  8. These items shall not be enclosed in the envelope:  writing/drawing instruments, newspaper and magazine clippings, small        pamphlets, handmade drawings or letters (in marker, highlighter, crayon or colored pencil) glitter, cloth material, ribbons or homemade cards that have items glued to it.
  9. Sexually explicit material or pornographic in nature (nudity) is prohibited.
  10. No material that threatens or is detrimental to the security, good order, or discipline of the facility.
  11. Correspondence that is in code or gang related material is prohibited.
  12. No foreign substance; such as lipstick, perfume and bodily fluids is allowed in or on any mail item.
  13. Polaroid (self-developing) photos are prohibited. Internet print outs of jokes, stories, e-mails etc. is limited to more than 3 sheets.
  14. No felt marker, gel, or glitter pens to be used on the letter or envelope.
  15. “No Contact” of person(s) by order of the court or request of that person(s).


Note: All incoming and outgoing mail will be opened and scanned by the Detention Staff for contraband. The exception to this rule is for legal mail that comes from an attorney, court and or court official. Legal mail will be opened in the presence of the inmate and inspected for contraband at that time. The inspection will be done in a manner that does not violate the confidentiality of the mail correspondence. Legal mail must be clearly marked and enclosed in an envelope that is identified as coming from an official source.


Securus Video Visitation Schedule




Wednesdays and Thursdays (6PM – 9:45PM)


Saturday and Sunday (9AM – 4PM)




Monday – Friday (6PM – 9:45PM)


Saturday and Sunday (9AM – 9:45PM)


Visitors Check-In (ON-SITE)

  • All on-site visitors must check in at the booking window with a valid photo ID.


Scheduling Time Period

  • Visits can be scheduled a maximum of 14 days out.


Appointment Reminder

  • Visitors that have scheduled visits will get reminders sent to their email from Securus along with their PIN number and which terminal to use if they are visiting on-site.


Appointment Intervals

  • There is a 5-minute buffer between visits. Visitors can check in 5 minutes early for their visit. The visit will start on time and finish exactly 20 minutes after the scheduled start time. We do not control this as the system makes the schedule. If the visitor is late, they will not get the full 20 minute visit. All visits are 20 minutes long.


Number of Visits Allowed per Week (ON-SITE VISITORS)

  • Inmates are allotted two visits per week.


Number of Visits Allowed per Week (REMOTE VISITORS)

  • Unlimited during the allowed scheduled times.

Time between creating an appointment for visitation and starting the visit

  • 24-hour buffer time


Visits can be scheduled on the terminal in the Detention Center lobby or online at www.videovisitanywhere.com. Any questions regarding video visitation can be found on this website or by phone at (877) 578-3658.