Mobile Machinery

A Mobile Machinery is defined as a “heavy equipment, except shop or hand tools or attachments, which is self-propelled, towed or hauled and used primarily in construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, ditches, buildings or land reclamation” by Wyoming Statute 31-18-203.


The Statute also states that “no mobile machinery shall be operated in this state, whether or not upon the public highways of this state, unless registered under this division.”

The cost of a Mobile Machinery registration is $6.00, when it is also taxed through the Assessor’s Office for personal property taxes.  For out of state companies, Temporaries can be purchased, with the cost based on the Fair Market Value of the equipment and prorated by the number of months the registration will be for.

The deadline for adding a new Mobile Machinery to the Tax Roll is March 1. Any purchases after March 1 would be added to the tax roll for the following year, and taxes would be pro-rated and paid on a registration at the Treasurer's Office.

More information can be found in our flowchart, including some exemptions.  The Converse County Treasurer's Office has worked up a flowchart showing what is and isn't a Mobile Machinery. It also covers information about temporaries, and some of the information required.



In an effort to keep our records updated and to make renewals easier, there is now a standard form the Treasurer's Office has made for Mobile Machinery. This is to be filled out when submitting a request for renewals or when adding a new Mobile Machinery to the tax roll. The form covers all information we would need in order to issue the stickers.

You can get a copy of the verification form here.