Liquor Licenses

All liquor licenses and permits are subject to approval by the Converse County Commissioners and are subject to Title 12 of Wyoming State Law.  

  • Retail Liquor License: $1,250.00 - availability based upon population
  • County Malt Beverage Permit - $500.00 - some restrictions
  • Limited Retail "Club" License:$500 - unlimited available
  • Restaurant License: $1,250.00 - unlimited available
  • Microbrewery and/or Winery Permit: $500 - unlimited available
  • Transfer of Ownership or Location (when allowed): $100

24-Hour Liquor Permits

Please be aware that 24-hour permits, including out-of-jurisdiction events, must be approved by the Board of County Commissioners and therefore must be submitted in a timely manner.  To determine if a one day liquor permit is needed, answer these questions:

  • Is there a fee to attend the event? (e.g. cover charge, ticket sale, per plate fee)
  • Is there an inducement to attend the event? (e.g. "free drink with purchase of a ticket")
  • Does the applicant benefit in any way from the sale of the alcohol? (e.g. donations or patronage)
  • Did you as the applicant purchase the alcohol? (e.g. wedding party, family reunion)

If you answered YES to any of the following questions, you are required per W.S. 12-1-101(a)(xvi) to obtain a temporary 24-hour liquor permit, such as a 24-Hour Catering Permit or a 24-Hour Malt Beverage Permit. The type of permit depends on the type of alcohol to be served, the type of event, whether a liquor license is already held by the applicant, and other factors.  Please contact the County Clerk for more information.