When will the tax sale take place?
Usually, Converse County holds its tax sale on the first Monday in August, at 9 a.m. in the Courthouse Community Room in the basement. Although technically the sale continues until 5 p.m., all properties are usually sold by 11 a.m. The law does not specify the date of the sale, except that it needs to be after May 11 (when taxes are delinquent) and before September 1 (when the current year's taxes become due). Therefore, there is a wide variance between counties on when their tax sales are held and how the sales are conducted.

The easiest way to find out when the tax sale is being held is to keep an eye on the legal notices in the newspaper. Each county Treasurer is required to advertise the properties for sale, along with the date, time and place of sale in the county newspaper for 3 weeks prior to the sale. The Converse County Treasurer's Office advertises in both the Douglas Budget and the Glenrock Independent. When it is time for the tax sale parcels they are also listed on theTreasurer's homepage.

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