General History of Converse County

Converse County was established March 9, 1888. It was named after Amasa R. Converse, a Wyoming pioneer and Cheyenne banker. Converse County was carved from Albany and Laramie Counties. On May 18, 1888 Douglas was voted the county seat.

It was stated in the 1907 anniversary edition of "Bill Barlow's Budget" that there was 6,624 square miles of land in Converse County. The land extended a distance of 170 miles east and west, and 92 miles north and south at its widest parts. In 1911 Niobrara County was carved out of Converse County. Presently the county covers approximately 4,200 square miles.

The First Elected County Officials

The first county officers were elected in 1888, right after Converse became a county. Malcolm Campbell was the Sheriff, C. M. Garver was the Clerk, Ed J. Wells was the Treasurer, F. H. Harvey was the Attorney; F. E. Wolcott, George H. Cross and E. T. David were Commissioners; W. R. Renwick was the Coroner, S. Slaymaker was the Assessor, and A. T. Seymour was the Surveyor.